Awaken Church is incredibly optimistic about the good news of the Gospel – that faith in Jesus Christ makes possible an authentic relationship with God, a life empowered by the Holy Spirit to deeply know Him and make Him known, and to have assurance of eternal life now and forever.


We believe in the life-giving message of The Bible – the inspired Word of God.  

It’s message and words are fundamental in understanding Salvation, 

living an empowered life, and becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  


We believe in the one living God known in the context of community.  

We believe in one God in three persons.  

He is one in his essential nature, power, and eternity – 

and three persons known as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


We believe that humanity was created for relationship with God and with others.  

We were made in our creator’s image, but that image has been marred by sin from the time of Adam and Eve.  

Sin has caused us to find our identity in creation over our Creator.  Our heart is bent inward and away from God.  

We used our free will to rebel from God and now find ourselves in need of a savior.  

We are lost in our sins and cannot find our own way back to God apart from his work

on the cross and the convicting work of the Spirit.


We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God – part of the Trinity.  

He was born of a virgin, lived a life of perfect love and selflessness, died on the cross

as a substitute for us and our sin, was buried, and on the third day, conquered death

and was raised to life.  The wages of sin is death – but Christ came to save us from Sin.


We believe The Holy Spirit is the helper, the counselor, and the spiritual presence of God

who carries out the work of Jesus Christ.  He lives within the hearts of people and helps

them live an empowered life – a life empowered to Love God and Love Others.  

He teaches us about the heart of God,  convicts us of our sin and waywardness, 

and guides us as we walk through life.   


We believe that the Church is the entire body of believers in Jesus Christ – 

who is the founder and head of the Church.  The Church seeks to partner with Jesus

in his pursuit of people.  We are his hands and feet and carry out his mission

as commanded to us in the Great Commission – Matthew 28:18-20.


We align our theology, beliefs, and teachings with the Wesleyan Church. Learn more about our beliefs and tradition HERE.