What is Rest Sunday?

For many of us, the idea of “Rest” seems like a pipe dream. The pace we live our lives demands our full attention. The stresses of work, family, bills…the list can go on and on. This never ending pace drains us of life.

Here is the thing. We were created for life. We were created to work hard…AND rest well. We often do really good at the work part – to the neglect of the rest – literally.

Rest Sunday is all about helping people rediscover the gift of rest. We will not be having our traditional Sunday Gathering on Sunday, Nov. 12. Instead, we are asking our whole church to intentionally enter into a Day of Rest. Our hope is that by providing space for people to rest, we will be able to better build rhythms of rest into our regular lives.

Understanding Rhythms of Rest
Sabbath Rest is less about structure and more about rhythms.

Its not a religious, legalistic mandate. Its more of
an invitation to live a centered life. 

With that said, there is incredible freedom to create a “rhythm” that works best for you. The big thing is not “how” you Sabbath, but “that” you rest.

There will be seasons you build Sabbath into your year (think a week vacation), seasons where you work it in weekly (a 12-24hour window that is sacred), or potentially even daily. Some seasons are more demanding and life-draining. Others are more restful.

Feel freedom to customize your rest.

Things to Consider

Plan Ahead
Rest seldom happens by accident. Take time to work “ahead” so that you can enter into rest with a clear mind and calendar. Get the dishes done before hand. Do your errands the day before.
Take Time for Inactivity – or Intentional Activity.
I’ve heard it said, If you work with your hands for a living rest with your mind. If you work with your mind for a living, rest with your hands. What does this mean? It means if you spend your weak working hard physically – take a nap, read a book, be still. If you are stuck at a desk all week, get your hands dirty. Bottom line – don’t do anything that “feels like work”. Be intentional with your time.
Consider God’s Hand In Your Life
Spend some time with the Lord. Consider how he has showed up for you this week. Take note of what he is doing in your life, your soul, your family. You may journal, read a passage of scripture or pray. We’ve included some passages below.
Establish Boundaries
What “thing” has the greatest potential to steal your attention, time, or rest? Is it your phone? Turn it off for a few hours – or even the day. Is it Netflix? Is it being with other people? Is it being trapped inside a house? Be aware of “rest killers” and build boundaries around them.
Be Fully Present
It is hard to detach from the regular pace and rhythms of life at first. It can feel as if you are distracted or cheating someone or something. Think of this as your soul’s way of detoxing from the things that don’t matter as much as your maker. Be fully present to Him. Be fully present to your family. Protect the relationships that are primary.


Additional Resources
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