It can feel strange visiting a new church. But we want you to feel at home.

Here's a few things to expect Sundays at Awaken:

Coffee & Doughnuts

Because…why not?

Everyday People

Awaken is full of all kinds of people. We have doubts, struggling marriages, and pain. But we also have hope. Hope that God can lead us and change us.

Guitars & Songs

Each week we celebrate the Good News of Jesus. One way we celebrate is with songs. Our songs pair modern styles with ancient truths to help shift our focus to what matters most.

Bible Teaching

God has been working throughout history to show us himself and his plans. We want the truth about Jesus to shape our view of the world.

Sunday Teaching Series

4 Essential Shifts for every follower of Jesus

GOSPEL - My Story to God's Story - Corban Robbe

As humans, we need story to make sense of the complexity and chaos in the world. But, being human also means we've been born into a story that's not our own.

PRAYER - My Way to God's Way - Steve Hubbard

Jesus taught us that Prayer starts at "Our Father" not "Deliver Us From Evil". Prayer starts with God, not with ourselves.

UNITY - ME to WE - Steve Hubbard

We need fellow Christ-followers. We were never meant to walk the path of a disciple alone. 

MISSION - Passive to Active - Corban Robbe

The Mission of Jesus is clear - make disciples! God is calling us to use our strengths and opportunities to lead people to become followers of the way of Jesus.